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Mark T. Hechinger

Mark Hechinger, a healthcare attorney, has been general counsel for two national organizations including UNITEHERE Health, a hospitality industry welfare and benefit fund, and Sav-Rx, a pharmacy benefits management company. A former litigator, Mark f… Read More
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Shellé E. Riley

Shellé Riley has a long and varied history of legal service.  She began her legal career at Kansas Legal Services in Wichita, Kansas, where she provided legal services to clients who were not able to afford traditional legal representation.  While… Read More
Shellé's Practice Areas:  Prepaid Legal Services
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Daniel Kolodziej

Daniel Kolodziej has focused his practice on helping individuals in a wide array of matters, including complaints with insurance carriers, criminal and quasi-criminal matters, automobile accidents, and bankruptcies.  He represents clients in both st… Read More
Daniel's Practice Areas:  Prepaid Legal Services
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Donald J. Mock

Donald Mock brings a wealth of experience to his legal practice as a long-time member of the Prepaid Legal Plan team. Before joining Daley & Georges, Don provided more than twenty years of legal counsel and representation to legal service plan me… Read More
Donald's Practice Areas:  Prepaid Legal Services
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Jacquelyn Haynes

Jacquelyn Haynes focuses her practice in three distinct areas.  The first is family law, and Jacquie has extensive experience in parentage, divorce, allocation of parental responsibilities and child support.  The second is real estate with a partic… Read More
Jacquelyn's Practice Areas:  Prepaid Legal Services
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Richard Velázquez

Licensed in May of 2003, Rich possesses a diverse legal experience in both the private and public sectors. From April 2007 through January 2011, Rich served as Special Counsel to the President of the Cook County Board of Commissioners under the admin… Read More
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Michael J. Synowiecki

Phone: 312.262.3848
Michael J. Synowiecki practices at the state and local levels of government on a wide variety of matters.   Michael began his career in government at the Chicago City Council Committee on Finance, where he monitored legislation at both the state an… Read More
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Richard A. Toth

Phone: 312.726.8798
Rich Toth focuses his practice on federal, state and local governmental issues, including zoning, land use planning, real estate transactions, and economic and business development. He represents clients on matters before government bodies including… Read More
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Amy Degnan

Phone: 312.726.8799
Amy Degnan focuses her practice in the area of government relations, including zoning, land use, and economic development. Amy represents property owners and developers before government zoning and economic development committees, plan commissions, a… Read More
Amy's Practice Areas:  Real Estate & Zoning, Government Relations
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William D. O'Donaghue

Phone: 312.726.8797
With more than 25 years of experience as a regulator and private attorney, William O’Donaghue has a deep understanding of the complex regulatory, legislative and licensing issues facing clients in the alcoholic-beverage and hospitality industries.… Read More
Bill's Practice Areas:  Alcohol Beverage Law
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